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To save people from mediocre food and enrich the eating experience

Who we are

Rabeena has been a pioneer in sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and distributing high quality Sri Lankan food products to the western world for three decades. With the migration of Sri Lankans to Europe since the 80s, came an increasing demand for home-grown food and Rabeena was poised to meet the demand. Starting out with a small export operation in 1986, Rabeena is now a household name amongst Sri Lankans across the globe.

Thirty years from when our products were first introduced in foreign markets, we are exploring other ways to share our exquisite range with the wider world and as part of the initiative, bringing our most popular products for Sri Lankans to enjoy at home.

Our Story

The Rabeena story starts in 1986 when our CEO, Arumugam Logeswaran, exports a range of core ingredients to cater to a growing diaspora. Sri Lankans across Europe, North America and Australia welcomed the brand that brought them closer to home. With growing popularity and distribution footprint, Rabeena established itself as a brand with an extensive range of products including cereals, instant mixes, ready to eat items and snacks.

Over the past three decades we have progressively grown our production facilities, honed our skills and partnered with sought out members of the farming community to improve and maintain the standard of our products. We use the freshest ingredients and traditional methods to ensure the authenticity of our products. Without any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and state of the art packaging methods we seal in our unique Rabeena flavour.

Rabeena has won several national and international awards over the years and to this day, we are proud of our reputation for uncompromising quality and being the gold standard for Sri Lankan cuisine, internationally.

Food Facts

For a very small country, Sri Lanka has a very diverse array of traditional dishes. The cuisine, although traditionally its own, has been heavily influenced by travellers, spice traders, neighbours and colonizers. Cooking techniques and utensils are also unique to the country. Rice is a staple and it comes in various forms adapted to different mealtimes. Rice is referred to as Bath in Sinhala and Soru in tamil.

A breakfast favourite is Kiribath or Paal-Soru, which translates to milk-rice. This is simply rice cooked in coconut milk to varying textures; sometimes cooled and cut into diamond shaped pieces or served hot like a risotto. The most popular accompaniment is lunu miris, which is a paste of crushed chillies and onions. Rice is often served with a variety of curries at lunchtime. Curries generally have widely varying scoville scores and feature seasonal vegetables.

While some people’s diet consists of rice at all mealtimes, those who opt to veer from this norm, do not stray far. To add variety to an otherwise mundane diet of rice, rice flour is processed and steamed to distinctive textures. Pittu and String hoppers are the most common and share a Sri Lankans are very fond of their sweets and feature some of the most complex recipes. Despite losing many traditional recipes, some of the most popular items are still widely available around the country.

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